Nonlinear Radiative Heat Transfer in Blasius and Sakiadis Flows Over a Curved Surface

  • M. NaveedEmail author
  • Z. Abbas
  • M. Sajid


This study investigates the heat transfer characteristics for Blasius and Sakiadis flows over a curved surface coiled in a circle of radius R having constant curvature. Effects of thermal radiation are also analyzed for nonlinear Rosseland approximation which is valid for all values of the temperature difference between the fluid and the surface. The considered physical situation is represented by a mathematical model using curvilinear coordinates. Similar solutions of the developed partial differential equations are evaluated numerically using a shooting algorithm. Fluid velocity, skin-friction coefficient, temperature and local Nusselt number are the quantities of interest interpreted for the influence of pertinent parameters. A comparison of the present and the published data for a flat surface validates the obtained numerical solution for the curved geometry.


Blasius/Sakiadis flows Curved surface Numerical solution Thermal radiation 



We are thankful to the honorable reviewers for their constructive suggestions.


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