Inter-Laboratory Comparison for Calibration of Relative Humidity Devices Among Accredited Laboratories in Malaysia

  • F. HussainEmail author
  • S. Khairuddin
  • H. Othman
Brief Report


An inter-laboratory comparison in relative humidity measurements among accredited laboratories has been coordinated by the National Metrology Institute of Malaysia. It was carried out to determine the performance of the participating laboratories. The objective of the comparison was to acknowledge the participating laboratories competencies and to verify the level of accuracies declared in their scope of accreditation, in accordance with the MS ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. The measurement parameter involved was relative humidity for the range of 30–90 %rh at a nominal temperature of \(50\,{^\circ }\hbox {C}\). Eight accredited laboratories participated in the inter-laboratory comparison. Two units of artifacts have been circulated among the participants as the transfer standards.


Accredited laboratory \(\hbox {E}_{n}\) ratio Inter-laboratory Relative humidity 



The inter-laboratory comparison described in this paper was financially supported by SIRIM Berhad and Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Malaysia, while the technical supports in this program came from Humidity and Moisture Laboratory, National Metrology Institute of Malaysia. All the participant scopes of accreditation have been supported by the Department STANDARD MALAYSIA as the national accreditation body. The authors would like to express great appreciation to Dr Nasir Zainal Abidin and all organizations involved directly or indirectly for their valuable support.


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