Distinct Gaussian Properties of Multiple Reflections in Extended Hemispherical Lenses

  • Burak OzbeyEmail author
  • Kubilay Sertel


Multiple reflections in an extended hemispherical lens are shown to exhibit distinctly different Gaussian characters. It is demonstrated that the second- and third-order bounces of the electromagnetic fields within the electrically large lens result in contributions with spot sizes and locations that are uncorrelated with the fundamental Gaussian-beam-like radiation from a small antenna located at the lens focus. We present the optical properties (Gaussicities and power levels at the beam waist) of such higher-order lens reflections. The impacts of these reflections on a typical quasi-optical spectroscopy setup are discussed. The relative received power densities are computed and compared with measurements for each higher-order reflection. The agreement between the measurement and theory indicates that the adopted method is a reliable and efficient tool for characterization of the dominant reflections from extended hemispherical lenses.


Lens-integrated antenna Double-slot antenna Extended hemispherical lens THz time domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS) Ray tracing 



The lead author would like to thank the Turkish Fulbright Commission for their support under the Postdoctoral Program Grant.

Funding Information

This work was financially supported by the NSF Division of Elect., Comm. & CyberSystems (EECS-1710977) under the project “Compact polarimetric THz sensor for reflectometric imaging.”


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