Designing a Broadband Terahertz Half-Wave Plate Using an Anisotropic Metasurface

  • C. Gandhi
  • P. Ramesh Babu
  • K. SenthilnathanEmail author


We design a multi-resonance metasurface at terahertz frequency, which can act as a polarization manipulator in the reflective mode. The proposed polarization converter consists of periodic unit cells and each unit cell has a resonator on the top surface. While a dielectric material forms the middle layer, a gold foil constitutes the bottom layer. The proposed polarization converter converts a linearly polarized terahertz wave into an orthogonal one for a wide range of operating frequencies. It provides a maximum conversion efficiency in the frequency range of 0.64–1.47 THz where the magnitudes of the cross reflection coefficients exceed 90%. The calculated relative bandwidth of the proposed converter is 78.67%. The phase difference of the reflected wave is between − 180 and 180 depending upon the operating frequency. Further, based on the detailed numerical results, we corroborate that the proposed device is robust against the variations in the structural parameters. The proposed converter maintains the conversion efficiency for various incident angles from 0 to 30. Besides, we also demonstrate the possibility of tuning the polarization conversion ratio by integrating silicon in the metasurface. The proposed metasurface may find potential applications in communications, antenna, and radar cross-section reduction technology.


Polarization converter Tunable metasurface Wave-plate Terahertz frequency 



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