Plasmon Excitation and Plasmonic Detection of Terahertz Radiation in the Grating-Gate Field-Effect-Transistor Structures



Physics of plasma oscillations and basic principles of plasmonic detection of terahertz radiation in the grating-gate transistor structures with two-dimensional electron channels are considered. It is shown that the grating-gate-transistor plasmonic detectors can be efficiently coupled to terahertz radiation. Plasmonic detection response considerably increases if the electron density in the grating-gate transistor structure is spatially modulated.


Two-dimensional electron gas Plasmons Terahertz radiation Detection Field-effect transistor Gratings 

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  1. 1.Kotelnikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics (Saratov Branch) RASSaratovRussia
  2. 2.Saratov State UniversitySaratovRussia

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