Hyperfine Interactions

, Volume 217, Issue 1–3, pp 117–126 | Cite as

MossWinn—methodological advances in the field of Mössbauer data analysis

  • Zoltán Klencsár


The methodology of Mössbauer data analysis has been advanced via the development of a novel scientific database system concept and its realization in the field of Mössbauer spectroscopy, as well as by the application of parallel computing techniques for the enhancement of the efficiency of various processes encountered in the practice of Mössbauer data handling and analysis. The present article describes the new database system concept along with details of its realization in the form of the MossWinn Internet Database (MIDB), and illustrates the performance advantage that may be realized on multi-core processor systems by the application of parallel algorithms for the implementation of database system functions.


Internet database Mössbauer spectroscopy Spectral analysis Parallel algorithms 


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