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ISOLTRAP results 2006–2009

  • Magdalena KowalskaEmail author
  • for the ISOLTRAP collaboration
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Since 2006 the ISOLTRAP mass spectrometer has provided high-precision masses of many short-lived nuclides located all across the nuclear chart with half-lives down to a few 10 ms. These nuclides range from the two-proton halo candidate 17Ne, via the neutron-rich magic 80Zn and 132Sn, up to 229Rn which was identified for the first time. The results show that ISOLTRAP is a versatile tool well suited to address physics topics such as nuclear structure, stellar nucleosynthesis, or the weak interaction.


Atomic masses Penning trap mass spectrometry Magic numbers Nucleosynthesis CVC hypothesis and CKM unitarity 


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  • Magdalena Kowalska
    • 1
    Email author
  • for the ISOLTRAP collaboration
  1. 1.CERN, PH-Dept.Geneva 23Switzerland

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