Hyperfine Interactions

, Volume 195, Issue 1–3, pp 257–263 | Cite as

Mössbauer spectroscopy analysis on a tempered martensitic 9% Cr steel

  • C. P. RamosEmail author
  • A. Sztrajman
  • R. Bianchi
  • C. A. Danón
  • C. Saragovi


We report an analysis by means of Mössbauer spectroscopy, on a 9% Cr steel submitted to a tempering process at 780°C. Spectra of several samples with different tempering times obtained at room temperature are fitted, and a study on existent phases is made. From the former analysis, we infer the existence of different neighbors of the Fe atom governed by the concentration of alloying elements. In particular, we analyze the behavior of Cr, as the main substitutional atom. An additional measurement of samples at low velocities is made, aiming to reveal the existence of precipitated carbides. Finally a comparison between samples is performed, in order to obtain a detailed study of the effect of tempering time on hyperfine parameters.


Martensitic steels Tempering Mössbauer spectroscopy 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • C. P. Ramos
    • 1
    • 4
    Email author
  • A. Sztrajman
    • 2
  • R. Bianchi
    • 2
  • C. A. Danón
    • 3
  • C. Saragovi
    • 1
  1. 1.Departamento de FísicaCentro Atómico ConstituyentesBuenos AiresArgentina
  2. 2.Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y NaturalesUniversidad de Buenos AiresCap. Fed.Argentina
  3. 3.Departamento de MaterialesCentro Atómico ConstituyentesBuenos AiresArgentina
  4. 4.CONICETBuenos AiresArgentina

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