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A fast, low perturbation ionization beam profile monitor based on a gas-jet curtain for the ultra low energy storage ring


An ionization beam profile monitor relying on a supersonic gas-jet shaped into an extended, thin curtain is proposed for operation in an ultra high vacuum environment for very low perturbation on the accelerated beam, as requested for the in-ring profile monitoring at the Ultra low energy Storage Ring (USR) at the Facility for Low-energy Antiproton and Ion Research (FLAIR), in Darmstadt. In this paper, we describe the working principle of the monitor, as well as providing an analysis of sensitivity and resolution dependence on geometrical design and gas curtain thickness.


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Putignano, M., Kühnel, K.U., Schröter, C.D. et al. A fast, low perturbation ionization beam profile monitor based on a gas-jet curtain for the ultra low energy storage ring. Hyperfine Interact 194, 189 (2009).

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  • Diagnostics
  • Gas-jet
  • Profile monitor
  • Low-perturbation