, Volume 563, Issue 1, pp 515–520

pH-related Hatching Success of Triops cancriformis (Crustacea: Branchiopoda: Notostraca)

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Six different pH ranges were tested for the hatching rate of Triops cancriformis cysts. Cumulative hatching numbers approach to approximately 50% of cysts. The highest hatching rates, co-occurring with the shortest hatching times, were recorded in the neutral range. No hatching took place at pH values 9 and above. This corresponds with the most frequent habitats of this species, snowmelt pools of river flood plains as well as aestival pools caused by heavy rainfalls. Occurrences in sodic alkaline pans can be explained by relatively low pH values at the time of inundation.


Triops alkalinity ecology Cyst diapause Austria life cycle resting eggs hatching 


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