, Volume 530, Issue 1–3, pp 339–345

Growth and age determination of the tropical Australian cubozoan Chiropsalmus sp.



Chiropsalmus sp. medusae collected in this study ranged from 3 to 71 mm diagonal bell width and displayed growth best described by the following equation size (mm) = 74.9 × exp (−exp(0.041 (time since metamorphosis (day) −35.6674))). Growth rates of up to 7 mm week−1 increase in diagonal bell width are theoretically possible, with animals able to reach sexual maturity in approximately 70 days. Correlation of the number of rings on the statoliths with the predicted age of the individual from the field produced a relationship that indicates the growth rings are laid down daily and as such could be used to infer age of the medusae. Over the 1998–1999 season, there were four influxes of juvenile cohorts, each occurring approximately 14 days after a major rainfall event.


Cubozoa Gompertz growth curve statolith 


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