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Evaluation of the Parameters of the State of Concrete Dams Under Long-Term Operation Conditions Using Indirect Measurements

  • N. V. VoznesenskayaEmail author
  • A. M. Yudelevich

Problems of evaluating the parameters of the state of concrete dams at the stage of long-term operation are examined. The use of the indirect measurement method is demonstrated by the example of typical sections of the concrete gravity dam of the Krasnoyarsk HPP. It is shown that the use of the proposed method allows reliable evaluation of the parameters of the stress-strain state of a structure under conditions of metrological failure of embedded means of operational instrument monitoring.


Krasnoyarsk HPP concrete gravity dams limit states strength stress-strain state field observations indirect measurements tensometry calculation model 


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  1. 1.JSC “Vedeneev VNIIG,”St. PetersburgRussia

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