Classification and Characteristics of Devices of Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)

  • Yu. G. ShakarianEmail author
  • N. L. Novikov
  • P. V. Sokur
  • A. N. Novikov

A classification of devices incorporated into flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) in electric networks is presented. The characteristics of flexible AC transmission systems are considered, in particular: devices for compensation (regulation) of reactive power and voltage connected to networks in parallel; devices for compensation (regulation) of the network parameters (network resistance) connected to networks in series; devices that combine the functions of the two groups, i.e., direct-transverse connected devices; devices for storage of electric energy; and converters of the type of current (AC into DC and DC AC); and lines of a new generation of electric transmission lines with increased carrying capacity in combination with FACTS devices.


flexible AC transmission systems vector control reactive power 


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  • Yu. G. Shakarian
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    Email author
  • N. L. Novikov
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  • P. V. Sokur
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  • A. N. Novikov
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  1. 1.JSC Scientific and Technical Center of FGC UESMoscowRussia

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