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Andrew Fiala: The Bloomsbury Companion to Political Philosophy

Bloomsbury Academic, New York, NY, 2015, 264 pp + index, $171.00 hc
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Book Review

The Bloomsbury Companion to Political Philosophy, edited by Andrew Fiala, presents an insightful, comprehensive collection of essays, written by scholars working within political science, political theory, and political philosophy. Each essay stands on its own as a valuable introduction to major topics within political philosophy, and the book includes a chronology of historically significant political philosophers, and publications, from a primarily Western, Eurocentric perspective, as well as a glossary of relevant terms. However, as a collection, it is worth noting how the book itself demonstrates that an effort to produce an overarching approach to what counts as political philosophy is itself contentious, and difficult to achieve. In this review, I take a critical approach, assessing this “companion” to political philosophy.

In Fiala’s “Introduction,” he asserts that “the tough question of political philosophy is whether political philosophy is grounded in the fundamental fact...


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