Drummond, John and Höffe, Otfried (Eds.). Husserl: German Perspectives

Fordham University Press, New York, 2019, 261 pp. US-$ 75 (hardbound); € 71.02 (hardbound), ISBN: 978-0823284467
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With the publication of the volume, Husserl: German Perspectives, John Drummond and Otfried Höffe have made available to the Anglophone community some of the most important Husserlian scholarship composed by German authors. Taken together, the introduction and selected essays clarify the evolution of Husserl’s thinking, explore the interconnections between Husserl’s ideas and the theories of his ancestors, contemporaries, and students, and present unflinching critical engagement with Husserl’s writings. This rigorously translated volume certainly stands as an essential addition to the library of any English-speaking Husserl scholar and of those interested in the origins of continental philosophy.

The volume not only helps the reader to understand the complexities of Husserl’s thought, but also paints a more comprehensive and complex picture of the reception of Husserl’s philosophy in Germany. Drummond and Höffe have accomplished this task by including in the volume both the works of...



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