Higher education challenges for migrant and refugee students in a globalized world

Edited by Khalid Arar, Kussai Haj-Yehia, David B. Ross and Yasar Kondakci, New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., 2019, 377pp.
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For thousands of years, the mobility and migration of people have enriched the economic, social, and spiritual exchanges and prompted the blending of civilization. However, our world is currently experiencing an unprecedented refugee crisis caused by a range of catastrophic conflicts. United Nations reports that 65 million people are displaced worldwide including more than 17 million as refugees (p. 283). The educational aspects are usually left untouched when people discuss the refugee crisis. Higher education is regarded as hope for a better future and an empowerment tool. But the reality is that only 1% of post-secondary aged refugees can attend university (p. 43). However, this important issue has not been given due attention. Therefore, this book completed by 42 authors from 12 countries is timely and valuable.

Section I focuses on the conceptual and policy issues of higher education for refugee students. Considering higher education as a human right and solution to positively...


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