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The future of higher education and of higher education research

Higher education looking forward: an introduction
  • John BrennanEmail author
  • Ulrich Teichler

A “forward look” at higher education

Higher education is increasingly finding itself the object of research. This partly reflects the economic importance attached to higher education in today’s “knowledge economies” but also its importance for social equity and mobility and for social cohesion and integration. The implications of expanded higher education and research systems have local and regional dimensions along with national and global ones, as well as shaping the lives of individual citizens. Higher education also attracts the attention of research because the object of its study is the institutional basis of all academic disciplines and the contribution of systematic knowledge to the future of society.

The growth of research interest in higher education is also partly a function of higher education’s enormous expansion in recent decades so that today its character and performance have large implications for all members of society, whether or not they engage directly with higher...


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