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A hybrid algorithm for the manufacturing cell formation problem

  • J. A. DíazEmail author
  • D. E. Luna
  • C. A. Zetina


In this paper we compare different heuristic methods for the manufacturing cell formation problem considering part process sequence: a GRASP algorithm, a reactive GRASP algorithm and a hybrid algorithm which combines reactive GRASP and tabu search. All algorithms are tested with a set of instances from the literature. The results from the GRASP algorithm are compared to those of the reactive GRASP in order to evaluate the advantages of automatically adjusting the parameter value within the randomized greedy procedure. Also the reactive GRASP results are compared to those of the hybrid algorithm to evaluate the contribution to solution quality of replacing the local search phase of the GRASP algorithm with tabu search.


Manufacturing cell formation problem GRASP Tabu Search 


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  1. 1.Departamento de Ingeniería Industrial y MecánicaUniversidad de las AméricasCholulaMexico

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