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Local search for a multi-drop multi-container loading problem

  • Sara CeschiaEmail author
  • Andrea Schaerf


We consider a complex variant of the Container Loading Problem arising from a real-world industrial application. It includes several features such as multiple containers, box rotation, and bearable weight, which are of importance in many practical situations. In addition, it also considers the situation in which boxes have to be delivered to different destinations (multi-drop).

Our solution technique is based on local search metaheuristics. Local search works on the space of sequences of boxes to be loaded, while the actual load is obtained by invoking, at each iteration, a specialized procedure called loader. The loader inserts the boxes in the container using a deterministic heuristic which produces a load that is feasible according to the constraints.

We test our solver on real-world instances provided by our industrial partner, showing a clear improvement on the previous heuristic solution. In addition, we compare our solver on benchmarks from the literature on the basic container loading problems. The outcome is that the results are in some cases in-line with the best ones in the literature and for other cases they also improve upon the best known ones. All instances and solutions are made available on the web for future comparisons.


Container loading 3D packing Heuristics Simulated annealing Tabu search 


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