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An effective heuristic for large-scale capacitated facility location problems


The Capacitated Facility Location Problem (CFLP) consists of locating a set of facilities with capacity constraints to satisfy the demands of a set of clients at the minimum cost. In this paper we propose a simple and effective heuristic for large-scale instances of CFLP. The heuristic is based on a Lagrangean relaxation which is used to select a subset of “promising” variables forming the core problem and on a Branch-and-Cut algorithm that solves the core problem. Computational results on very large scale instances (up to 4 million variables) are reported.

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Avella, P., Boccia, M., Sforza, A. et al. An effective heuristic for large-scale capacitated facility location problems. J Heuristics 15, 597 (2009).

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  • Capacitated facility location problem
  • Lagrangean relaxation
  • Branch-and-cut