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Energy-aware Virtual Machine Migration for Cloud Computing - A Firefly Optimization Approach

  • Nidhi Jain KansalEmail author
  • Inderveer Chana


Energy efficiency has grown into a latest exploration area of virtualized cloud computing paradigm. The increase in the number and the size of the cloud data centers has propagated the need for energy efficiency. An extensively practiced technology in cloud computing is live virtual machine migration and is thus focused in this work to save energy. This paper proposes an energy-aware virtual machine migration technique for cloud computing, which is based on the Firefly algorithm. The proposed technique migrates the maximally loaded virtual machine to the least loaded active node while maintaining the performance and energy efficiency of the data centers. The efficacy of the proposed technique is exhibited by comparing it with other techniques using the CloudSim simulator. An enhancement in the average energy consumption of about 44.39 % has been attained by reducing an average of 72.34 % of migrations and saving 34.36 % of hosts, thereby, making the data center more energy-aware.


Cloud computing Energy awareness Firefly optimization Virtualization Virtual Machine (VM) migration 


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