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WS-PGRADE/gUSE Generic DCI Gateway Framework for a Large Variety of User Communities

  • Peter Kacsuk
  • Zoltan FarkasEmail author
  • Miklos Kozlovszky
  • Gabor Hermann
  • Akos Balasko
  • Krisztian Karoczkai
  • Istvan Marton


The WS-PGRADE/gUSE generic DCI gateway framework has been developed to support a large variety of user communities. It provides a generic purpose, workflow-oriented graphical user interface to create and run workflows on various DCIs including clusters, Grids, desktop Grids and clouds. The framework can be used by NGIs to support small user communities who cannot afford to develop their own customized science gateway. The WS-PGRADE/gUSE framework also provides two API interfaces (Application Specific Module API and Remote API) to create application-specific science gateways according to the needs of different user communities. The paper describes in detail the workflow concept of WS-PGRADE, the DCI Bridge service that enables access to most of the popular European DCIs and the Application Specific Module and Remote API concepts to generate application-specific science gateways.


Science gateway Customized interface Workflow Distributed computing infrastructures 


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  • Zoltan Farkas
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  • Miklos Kozlovszky
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  • Gabor Hermann
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  • Akos Balasko
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  • Krisztian Karoczkai
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  • Istvan Marton
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