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Formal QoS Policy Based Grid Resource Provisioning Framework



Grid resource provisioning is a complex task that is often compromised due to non-availability of the desired resources. The heterogeneous and dynamic nature of the Grid resources depends on the Quality of Service (QoS) based resource provisioning for allocation of appropriate resources to Grid applications. Until resource provisioning is considered a fundamental capability, predictable QoS cannot be delivered to the Grid consumers. A resource provisioning policy based on QoS parameters is required for efficient Grid resource provisioning. In this paper a resource provisioning framework has been proposed. This framework offers resource provisioning policy that caters to provisioned resource allocation and resource scheduling. The policy rules have been specified in XML schema. The policy has been validated by Z Formal specification language and implementation has been demonstrated through a case study. The experimental results demonstrate that QoS based provisioned approach is effective in minimizing cost and submission burst time of applications in comparison to the existing approaches.


Resource provisioning Quality of service Grid computing 


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