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Standards-Based Job Management in Grid Systems

  • Paolo Andreetto
  • Sergio Andreozzi
  • Antonia Ghiselli
  • Moreno Marzolla
  • Valerio Venturi
  • Luigi Zangrando


The Grid paradigm for accessing heterogeneous distributed resources proved to be extremely effective, as many organizations are relying on Grid middlewares for their computational needs. Many different middlewares exist, the result being a proliferation of self-contained, non interoperable “Grid islands”. This means that different Grids, based on different middlewares, cannot share resources, e.g. jobs submitted on one Grid cannot be forwarded for execution on another one. To address this problem, standard interfaces are being proposed for some of the important functionalities provided by most Grids, namely job submission and management, authorization and authentication, resource modeling, and others. In this paper we review some recent standards which address interoperability for three types of services: the BES/JSDL specifications for job submission and management, the SAML notation for authorization and authentication, and the GLUE specification for resource modeling. We describe how standards-enhanced Grid components can be used to create interoperable building blocks for a Grid architecture. Furthermore, we describe how existing components from the gLite middleware have been re-engineered to support BES/JSDL, GLUE and SAML. From this experience we draw some conclusions on the strengths and weaknesses of these specifications, and how they can be improved.


Job management Grid interoperability Basic Execution Service (BES) Job Submission Description Language (JSDL) GLUE Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 


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  • Sergio Andreozzi
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  • Antonia Ghiselli
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  • Moreno Marzolla
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  • Valerio Venturi
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  • Luigi Zangrando
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