Journal of Grid Computing

, Volume 3, Issue 1–2, pp 53–73 | Cite as

Trusted Grid Computing with Security Binding and Trust Integration

  • Shanshan Song
  • Kai Hwang
  • Yu-Kwong Kwok


Trusted Grid computing demands robust resource allocation with security assurance at all resource sites. Large-scale Grid applications are being hindered by lack of security assurance from remote resource sites. We developed a security-binding scheme through site reputation assessment and trust integration across Grid sites. We do not treat the trust factor deterministically. Instead, we apply fuzzy theory to handle the fuzziness or uncertainties behind all trust attributes. The binding is achieved by periodic exchange of site security information and matchmaking to satisfy user job demands.

PKI-based trust model supports Grids in multi-site authentication and single sign-on operations. However, cross certificates are inadequate to assess local security conditions at Grid sites. We propose a new fuzzy-logic trust model for distributed trust aggregation through fuzzification and integration of security attributes. We introduce the trust index of a Grid site, which is determined by site reputation from its track record and self-defense capability attributed to the risk conditions and hardware and software defenses deployed at a Grid site.

A Secure Grid Outsourcing (SeGO) system is designed for secure scheduling a large number of autonomous and indivisible jobs to Grid sites. Significant performance gains are observed after trust aggregation, which is evaluated by running scalable NAS and PSA workloads over simulated Grids. Our security-binding scheme scales well with increasing user jobs and Grid sites. The new scheme can guide the security upgrade of Grid sites and predict the Grid performance of large workloads under risky conditions.


computational Grids fuzzy logic NAS and PSA benchmarks performance evaluation resource allocation scalability analysis trust models 


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