Journal of Grid Computing

, Volume 2, Issue 1, pp 3–14

MAAN: A Multi-Attribute Addressable Network for Grid Information Services



Recent structured Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems such as Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) offer scalable key-based lookup for distributed resources. However, they cannot be simply applied to grid information services because grid resources need to be registered and searched using multiple attributes. This paper proposes a Multi-Attribute Addressable Network (MAAN) that extends Chord to support multi-attribute and range queries. MAAN addresses range queries by mapping attribute values to the Chord identifier space via uniform locality preserving hashing. It uses an iterative or single attribute dominated query routing algorithm to resolve multi-attribute based queries. Each node in MAAN only has O(log N) neighbors for N nodes. The number of routing hops to resolve a multi-attribute range query is O(log N+N×smin ), where smin  is the minimum range selectivity on all attributes. When smin =ɛ, it is logarithmic to the number of nodes, which is scalable to a large number of nodes and attributes. We also measured the performance of our MAAN implementation and the experimental results are consistent with our theoretical analysis.


Grid computing information services multi-attribute range queries peer-to-peer 


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  • Martin Frank
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  • Jinbo Chen
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  • Pedro Szekely
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