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Obituary: Bengt Lindberg (1919–2008)


Lennart Kenne Olle Larm Jörgen Lönngren Sigfrid Svensson

On March 20, 2008, Professor Bengt Lindberg passed away. He was born in the southern part of Stockholm on July 17, 1919 and lived there throughout his life. Bengt is survived by his wife Ethel, daughter Elsa and his granddaughters Hanna and Emma.

Bengt Lindberg grew up in Stockholm and his father, Henry, was a lawyer. He graduated, with excellent grades, from Södra Latin, an old well-reputed high school close to his home. In contrast to his two younger brothers, Bengt was very early interested in science, especially mathematics, and he continued his education at Stockholms Högskola (nowadays the Stockholm University), where he studied mathematics, chemistry and physics. After obtaining his B. Sc., he moved to the Royal Institute of Technology and specialized in organic chemistry. Initially his supervisor was Professor Holger Erdtman, who worked with natural product chemistry.

Bengt took an early interest in carbohydrate...

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