Gravity of a noncanonical global monopole: conical topology and compactification

  • Ilham Prasetyo
  • Handhika S. RamadhanEmail author
Research Article


We obtain solutions of Einstein’s equations describing gravitational field outside a noncanonical global monopole with cosmological constant. In particular, we consider two models of k-monopoles: the Dirac–Born–Infeld and the power-law types, and study their corresponding exterior gravitational fields. For each model we found two types of solutions. The first of which are global k-monopole black hole with conical global topology. These are generalizations of the Barriola–Vilenkin solution of global monopole. The appearance of noncanonical kinetic terms does not modify the critical symmetry-breaking scale, \(\eta _{crit}\), but it does affect the corresponding horizon(s). The second type of solution is compactification, whose topology is a product of two 2-dimensional spaces with constant curvatures; \({\mathcal Y}_4\rightarrow {\mathcal Z}_2\times S^2\), with \({\mathcal Y}, {\mathcal Z}\) can be de Sitter, Minkowski, or Anti-de Sitter, and \(S^2\) is the 2-sphere. We investigate all possible compactifications and show that the nonlinearity of kinetic terms opens up new channels which are otherwise non-existent. For \(\Lambda =0\) four-dimensional geometry, we conjecture that these compactification channels are their (possible) non-static super-critical states, right before they undergo topological inflation.


Exact solutions Deficit angle Compactification Born-Infeld 



We thank Ardian Atmaja and Jose Blanco-Pillado for useful discussions and comments on the early manuscript. This work was partially supported by the Research-Cluster-Grant-Program of the University of Indonesia No. 1862/UN.R12/HKP.05.00/2015.


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