General Relativity and Gravitation

, Volume 41, Issue 5, pp 1205–1214 | Cite as

Republication of: On the deviation of geodesics and null-geodesics, particularly in relation to the properties of spaces of constant curvature and indefinite line-element

  • J. L. Synge
Golden Oldie


This Golden Oldie is a reprinting of a paper by J. L. Synge first published in 1934. It is accompanied by a reprinting of a paper by F. A. E. Pirani first published in 1956. Together these papers pointed the way to the interpretation of geodesic deviation and its relation to the curvature tensor. These two Golden Oldies are accompanied by an Golden Oldie Editorial containing an editorial note written by A. Trautman, and by the biography of F. Pirani written by himself and commented by A. Trautman.


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