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The Euler charateristic of the generalized Kummer scheme of an Abelian threefold

  • Martin G. Gulbrandsen
  • Andrea T. Ricolfi
Original Paper


Let X be an Abelian threefold. We prove a formula, conjectured by the first author, expressing the Euler characteristic of the generalized Kummer schemes \(K^nX\) of X in terms of the number of plane partitions. This computes the Donaldson–Thomas invariant of the moduli stack \([K^nX/X_n]\).


Kummer schemes Donaldson–Thomas invariants Abelian varieties Integer partitions 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary: 14C05 Secondary: 14N35 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Mathematics and Natural SciencesUniversity of StavangerStavangerNorway

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