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Quasilinearization and curvature of Aleksandrov spaces

  • I. D. Berg
  • I. G. NikolaevEmail author
Original Paper


We present a new distance characterization of Aleksandrov spaces of non-positive curvature. By introducing a quasilinearization for abstract metric spaces we draw an analogy between characterization of Aleksandrov spaces and inner product spaces; the quasi-inner product is defined by means of the quadrilateral cosine—a metric substitute for the angular measure between two directions at different points. Our main result states that a geodesically connected metric space \({\left(\mathcal{M},\rho\right)}\) is an Aleksandrov \({\Re_{0}}\) domain (also known as a CAT(0) space) if and only if the quadrilateral cosine does not exceed one for every two pairs of distinct points in \({\mathcal{M}}\) . We also observe that a geodesically connected metric space \({\left(\mathcal{M},\rho\right)}\) is an \({\Re_{0}}\) domain if and only if, for every quadruple of points in \({\mathcal{M}}\) , the quadrilateral inequality (known as Euler’s inequality in \({\mathbb{R}^{2}}\)) holds. As a corollary of our main result we give necessary and sufficient conditions for a semimetric space to be an \({\Re_{0}}\) domain. Our results provide a complete solution to the Curvature Problem posed by Gromov in the context of metric spaces of non-positive curvature.


Aleksandrov space \({\Re_{0}}\) domain Quadrilateral cosine Quadrilateral inequality 2-Roundness 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

53C20 53C45 51K10 


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  1. 1.University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUrbanaUSA

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