Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines

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Software review: the ECJ toolkit

  • David R. WhiteEmail author
Software Review


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ECJ is one of the most popular evolutionary computation toolkits and one that is widely used within the field of Genetic Programming (GP). In keeping with previous reviews, this article is a critical assessment of the features of ECJ, its main strengths and its shortcomings.


ECJ has a long history: development began in 1998, and the last review of ECJ within GPEM was published in 2004 [1]. Since that review, eleven major versions of the toolkit have been released and many new features added. ECJ is probably the toolkit with the most complete support for GP.

ECJ is available for download as a 4 megabyte compressed archive, or from a subversion repository, and is almost entirely released under the Academic Free License. The development team is headed by Sean Luke at George Mason University. It is difficult to measure ECJ’s popularity, partly because there isn’t a unique published paper that is cited by its end...


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