Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines

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Open BEAGLE: a generic framework for evolutionary computations

  • Dmitry BatenkovEmail author
Software Review

Introduction and history

Software frameworks for evolutionary computation are very important both for developing applications using known algorithms and also for writing new algorithms. One such framework is Open BEAGLE [5, 6]. Below I give a general overview of this framework.

The project’s leader (and principal developer) is Christian Cagné from Université Laval, Canada. Development started in 1999 and the last stable version (3.0.3) was released in November 2007. Since February 2009 an alpha release of the next major version has been available.

The name of the framework refers to the famous HMS Beagle, on which Charles Darwin made his voyage around the world [2]. Therefore, it is not surprising to find other software systems using this name both in genetic programming [3, 4] and in other fields [1].


Open BEAGLE is a fully extensible generic framework which should in principle support any kind of evolutionary computation. This is achieved by a very clean object-oriented...



The author wishes to thank William B. Langdon for his support and useful suggestions.


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