Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines

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Riccardo Poli, William B. Langdon, Nicholas F. McPhee: A Field Guide to Genetic Programming, 2008, 250 pp, ISBN 978-1-4092-0073-4
  • Michael O’Neill
Book Review

The latest book on Genetic Programming, Poli, Langdon and McPhee’s (with contributions from John R. Koza) A Field Guide to Genetic Programming represents an exciting landmark with the authors choosing to make their work freely available by publishing using a form of the Creative Commons License [1]. In so doing they have created a must-read resource which is, to use their words, “aimed at both newcomers and old-timers”. The book is freely available from the authors companion website [2] and [3] in both pdf and html form. For those who desire the more traditional page turning exercise, inexpensive printed copies can be ordered from The Field Guides companion website also provides a link to the TinyGP code printed over eight pages of Appendix B, and a Discussion Group centered around the book.

The book is divided into four parts with 14 chapters and two appendices. Part I introduces the basics of Genetic Programming, Part II overviews more advanced topics, Part III...


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