Slope Stability Analysis of a Rock Cut in a Residential Area, Madinah, Saudi Arabia: A Case Study

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The stability of a granitic rock cut located within a densely populated residential area in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, was investigated to avoid rock failure consequences. Based on the field inspection, this cut is characterized by a very irregular face leading to the occurrence of rock sliding and rockfall events in the area. Moreover, this cut lacks any type of stabilization or protection measurements. Kinematic analysis was used to analyze rock sliding events while RocFall software was used to analyze the mechanism of rockfall incidents. The results indicated to the high probability of wedge failures to take place (≈ 67%) as well as the toppling failures but with lower probability (< 10%). Furthermore, it was found that some large loose rock blocks on the cut surface could be easily triggered and fallen down reaching all onto the road and causing loss of life and damages to properties. As a result, this research recommended immediate scaling for loose rocks as well as constructing effective catch ditch in addition to anchoring large intact rocks.

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The authors wish to thank the Deanship of Scientific Research at Taibah University, Saudi Arabia, for financial support for this research (Project No. 1436/6985). The authors are also greatly indebted to the editor and the reviewers for their valuable time and the comments they raised that have improved the rigor of the work.

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Correspondence to Adnan Aqeel.

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Aqeel, A., Zaman, H. & Abd El Aal, A. Slope Stability Analysis of a Rock Cut in a Residential Area, Madinah, Saudi Arabia: A Case Study. Geotech Geol Eng 37, 1765–1778 (2019) doi:10.1007/s10706-018-0720-7

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  • Slope stability
  • Kinematic analysis
  • Rock sliding
  • Rockfall mechanism
  • Saudi Arabia