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On Bell, Suarez-Scarani, and Leggett Experiments: Reply to a Comment by Marek Żukowski in [Found. Phys. 38:1070, 2008]

  • Antoine Suarez


It is shown that the before-before (or Suarez-Scarani) experiment refutes hidden variable models with a deterministic (“realistic”) nonlocal part, whereas experiments violating Leggett-type inequalities refute models with biased random local part. Therefore the claim that Gröblacher et al. (Nature 446:871–875, 2007) present “an experimental test of nonlocal realism” is misleading, and Marek Żukowski’s (Found. Phys. 38:1070, 2008) comment misses the point. A new experiment is suggested.


“Nonlocal realism” Biased random local variables Leggett’s inequality Before-before experiment Influences from outside space-time 


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