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I Am the Cat Who Walks by Himself

  • Asher Peres


The city of lions. Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne. The war starts. Drôle de guerre. Going to work. Going to school. Fleeing from village to village. Playing cat and mouse. The second landing. Return to Beaulieu. Return to Paris. Joining the boyscouts. Learning languages. Israel becomes independent. Arrival in Haifa. Kalay high school. Military training. The Hebrew Technion in Haifa. Relativity. Asher Peres. Metallurgy. Return to France. Escape from jail. Aviva.

I am the cat who walks by himself, and all places are alike to me.

Rudyard Kipling

I am grateful to all those who contributed to this Festschrift which celebrates my 70th birthday and therefore the beginning of my eighth decade. In the Jewish religion, there is a prayer, “she-hehhyanu” to thank the Lord for having kept us alive and let us reach this day. I am an atheist and I have no Lord to thank, but I wish to thank many other people who are no longer alive and who helped me reach this point.


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