Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making

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Single Machine Batch Scheduling Problem with Resource Dependent Setup and Processing Time in the Presence of Fuzzy Due Date

  • Kanthen K Harikrishnan
  • Hiroaki Ishii


We consider a batch scheduling problem on a single machine which processes jobs with resource dependent setup and processing time in the presence of fuzzy due-dates given as follows:

1. There are n independent non-preemptive and simultaneously available jobs processed on a single machine in batches. Each job j has a processing time and a due-date.

2. All jobs in a batch are completed together upon the completion of the last job in the batch. The batch processing time is equal to the sum of the processing times of its jobs. A common machine setup time is required before the processing of each batch.

3. Both the job processing times and the setup time can be compressed through allocation of a continuously divisible resource. Each job uses the same amount of the resource. Each setup also uses the same amount of the resource.

4. The due-date of each job is flexible. That is, a membership function describing non-decreasing satisfaction degree about completion time of each job is defined.

5. Under above setting, we find an optimal batch sequence and resource values such that the total weighted resource consumption is minimized subject to meeting the job due-dates, and minimal satisfaction degree about each due-date of each job is maximized. But usually we cannot optimize two objectives at a time. So we seek non-dominated pairs i.e. the batch sequence and resource value, after defining dominance between solutions.

A polynomial algorithm is constructed based on linear programming formulations of the corresponding problems.


batching bi-criteria fuzzy due-date linear programming minimum satisfaction degree resource allocation scheduling 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Operational Research, Faculty of Information Technology and Quantitative ScienceUniversity Technology MARASelangorMalaysia
  2. 2.Graduate School of Information Technology & Physical SciencesOsaka UniversityJapan

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