Steroidogenesis and its regulation in teleost-a review

  • Anbazhagan Rajakumar
  • Balasubramanian SenthilkumaranEmail author


Steroid hormones modulate several important biological processes like metabolism, stress response, and reproduction. Steroidogenesis drives reproductive function wherein development and differentiation of undifferentiated gonads into testis or ovary, and their growth and maturation, are regulated. Steroidogenesis occurs in gonadal and non-gonadal tissues like head kidney, liver, intestine, and adipose tissue in teleosts. This process is regulated differently through multi-level modulation of promoter motif transcription factor regulation of steroidogenic enzyme genes to ultimately control enzyme activity and turnover. In view of this, understanding teleostean steroidogenesis provides major inputs for technological innovation of pisciculture. Unlike higher vertebrates, steroidal intermediates and shift in steroidogenesis is critical for gamete maturation in teleosts, more essentially oogenesis. Considering these characteristics, this review highlights the promoter regulation of steroidogenic enzyme genes by several transcription factors that are involved in teleostean steroidogenesis. It also addresses different methodologies involved in promoter regulation studies together with glucocorticoids and androgen relationship with reference to teleosts.


Gonadal steroids Testosterone Estradiol Testis Ovary Promoter 



BS is a recipient of Department of Biotechnology-TATA innovation fellowship (BT/HRD/35/01/02/2013). AR is thankful to Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India, for Junior and Senior Research Fellowships.

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