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Application of FDS to Adhered Spill Plumes in Atria

  • N. TilleyEmail author
  • B. Merci


In a recently published article (Poreh et al., Fire Saf J 43(5):344–350, 2008), Poreh et al. carried out a number of experiments in a small-scale atrium. They investigated the mass flow of the spill plume in case of fire emerging from an adjacent room or corridor. Based on these experiments, the equation for the mass flow rates of adhered spill plumes in atria was adjusted. In our article, we repeat the experiments in a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) program. The results agree well, both with the experiments and the suggested formula. After this first validation, large-scale CFD-simulations are carried out. It appears that the equation suggested by Poreh et al. is only valid in the case of a uniform smoke layer depth. If the smoke layer has a more complex configuration, the formula is no longer reliable for the design of the smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system.


spill plume CFD atrium fire smoke control 



Constant (kg/m s kW1/3)


Entrainment coefficient


Heat capacity (kJ/kg K)


Hydraulic diameter (m)


Emerging smoke layer thickness (m)


Thickness of smoke layer in atrium (m)


Gravity acceleration (m/s2)


Lateral length of plume (m)


Emerging smoke layer mass flow (kg/s)


Average temperature of smoke layer (K)


Mass flow rate (kg/s)

\( \dot{Q} \)

Heat release rate (kW)

\( Q^{ * } \)

Dimensionless HRR


Density (kg/m3)


Ambient density (kg/m3)


Temperature (K)


Ambient temperature (K)


Width (m)


Height (m)


Virtual origin (m)


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  1. 1.Department of Flow, Heat and Combustion MechanicsGhent University—UGentGhentBelgium
  2. 2.Institute for the Promotion of Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT-Vlaanderen)FlandersBelgium
  3. 3.Postdoctoral Fellow of the Fund of Scientific Research (FWO-Vlaanderen)FlandersBelgium

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