Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 51, Issue 2, pp 77–82 | Cite as

Investigation of Dynamic Deformation of Polymer Systems in a Viscoelastic State

  • Yu. A. VinogradovEmail author

The process of dynamic deformation of polymer systems with a polymer concentration below the critical value is investigated. The complex viscosity and its components – viscosity and elasticity, were determined over the entire range of changes in the circular frequency, including the section of destruction of the initial structure of the polymer system. It was established that almost until the destruction of the initial structure, the constancy of the complex viscosity is maintained, within which its viscous and elastic components change. It is shown that the cause of the destruction of the initial structure of the polymer system (entanglement network) is its transition from a viscoelastic state to a forced elastic one, when the complex viscosity is almost completely determined by its elastic component. When the ultimate strength of the polymer network is reached, the initial structure is destroyed, accompanied by a decrease in the complex viscosity and its elastic component with their subsequent increase.


The author is grateful to N. I. Kuz’min, a leading researcher at JSC “VNIISV”, for providing the original flow curves in the classic version.


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  1. 1.All-Union Research Institute for Synthetic Fibre (VNIISV)TverRussia

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