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Rebecca J. Cook, Joanna N. Erdman, and Bernard M. Dickens (eds): Abortion law in transnational perspective: cases and controversies

University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 2014, 480 pp, £45.50 (Cloth), ISBN: 978-0-8122-4627-8
  • Kate Greasley
Book Review

With this collection, the editors aim to be “looking for new ideas in abortion law” (2014, 1). In fact, many of the essays deal, in one way or another, with long-standing ideas and problems surrounding abortion: abortion as a constitutional or human right; abortion access as distinct from abortion permissions; interpretation of abortion legislation; rights of conscientious objection; prenatal personhood, and abortion stigma—to name just a few. Since these issues continue to be central for abortion jurisprudence and ethics, there is no reason why they should not constitute the topics of an edited collection about transnational abortion law.

While it does not further the philosophical debates about abortion, the collection adds substantially to the literature on comparative abortion law, which has been noticeably thin on the ground in recent times. The distinct contribution it makes is a diverse and detailed analysis of some of the most important developments in abortion law around the...


  1. Cook, Rebecca J., Joanna N. Erdman, and Bernard M. Dickens (eds.). 2014. Abortion law in transnational perspective: Cases and controversies. Philadephia: University of Pennsylvania Press.Google Scholar

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