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Law, Gender and Sexuality: The Making of a Field

  • Rosemary HunterEmail author
  • Ruth Fletcher


The papers in the following section arose from a roundtable discussion organised by the AHRC Research Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality, titled ‘Law, Gender and Sexuality: The Making of a Field’. Participants in the roundtable were asked to reflect on the challenges confronting law, gender and sexuality (LGS) as an area of research and scholarship, and to ask what benefits, possibilities, risks and dangers accompany the establishment of a research terrain. The papers address such questions as ‘what is a field and how is it made?’; ‘has LGS attained the status of a field?’; ‘what does it mean to locate oneself within the field of LGS?’; and ‘what is the relationship between feminism and LGS?’. They also consider possible future directions for the field of LGS. Together, the papers provide a variety of differing, and sometimes conflicting, perspectives on the developing body of intellectual and political activity that might be labelled ‘law, gender and sexuality’.


Embodiment Feminist legal scholarship Feminist activism Field Interdisciplinarity Law, gender and sexuality 


  1. Grabham, Emily (ed.). 2009. Gender, sexuality and law: Legitimacy, relationality, permeability? Canterbury: AHRC Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality, University of Kent.Google Scholar

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