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Discovery, characterisation and mapping of wheat leaf rust resistance gene Lr71



A temporarily designated gene LrARK12c (identified from spelt wheat cv. Altgold Rotkorn) with an intermediate low infection type was found effective against prevalent Australian Puccinia triticina (Pt) pathotypes. The gene was mapped to chromosome 1B between markers Xgwm18 and Xbarc187, with linkage distances of 1.0 and 1.3 cM, respectively. While it was not possible to assign a definitive chromosomal arm location to LrARK12c, it maps close to the centromere based on physical mapping of SSR marker loci using deletion lines. Other genes conferring resistance to Pt in chromosome 1B include Lr33, Lr44 and Lr46. Genetic analysis showed that LrARK12c and Lr44 are genetically independent. Comparisons of markers linked to LrARK12c and Lr46 indicate that Lr46 should be well distal to the centromere. Lr33 is not effective in the seedling stage with Australian Pt pathotypes, therefore question of possible allelism of LrARK12c and Lr33 cannot be resolved using Australian Pt pathotypes. Genetic studies, chromosome mapping and allelism tests indicated that LrARK12c is a new and genetically independent leaf rust resistance locus, and hence it was designated Lr71 in accordance with the rules of wheat gene nomenclature.


Gene mapping Leaf rust Lr71 Puccinia triticina Resistance Triticum spelta 


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