Stuart Gietel-Basten, John Casterline and Minja Kim Choe (Eds.): Family Demography in Asia: A Comparative Analyses of Fertility Preferences

Edward Elgar, 2018
  • Barbara E. FuldaEmail author

Evidence on fertility levels in Asia can easily be found, yet a collection of articles on fertility preferences in Asia is unprecedented. The book “Family demography in Asia. A comparative analysis of fertility preferences” edited by Stuart Gietel-Basten, John Casterline and Minja Kim Choe aims toward filling this gap. Complemented by a chapter on son preference, an influential factor on fertility behavior in patriarchal societies, country experts on fertility preferences present quantitative empirical findings on fertility preferences in about two-dozen Asian countries. Qualitative evidence complements these analyses in some chapters (e.g., the chapter “The socioeconomic context of fertility decline and preferences in Brunei”), enabling a deeper understanding of the processes leading to fertility ideals in specific countries. While the introduction discusses theoretical explanations of fertility preferences, an empirical test of these explanations is missing in the chapters, often...


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