European Journal of Population

, Volume 32, Issue 1, pp 155–156 | Cite as

J. Anson and M. Luy (Eds.): Mortality in an International Perspective

Springer, Series: European Studies of Population, Vol. 18, XI, 359 pp
  • Sven Drefahl

This volume provides a collection of 12 studies on a wide array of mortality topics. The book’s introduction, by editors Jon Anson and Marc Luy, gives the rationale for the volume, which grew out of the 2011 workshop of the Health, Morbidity and Mortality Working Group of the European Association of Population Studies (EAPS), and aims to provide somewhat of a snapshot of the themes of mortality research across Europe. It starts out by reviewing the body of mortality publications in the five major demographic journals during 2010–2011, followed by a summary of the contributions of each of the individual chapters of the volume. The chapters cover diverse topics: estimation of small area life expectancy (chapter 2, Congdon), mortality forecasts (chapter 3, Spijker), mortality inequalities in Hungary by education (chapter 4, Kovács), risk profiles for mortality predictions (chapter 5, Vasunilashorn et al.), alcohol-related mortality in Russia (chapter 6, Semyonova et al.), infant...

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