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Benjamin Kiesewetter: The Normativity of Rationality

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017. Hardcover (ISBN 9780198754282) £50.00. 336 Pages
  • Vuko AndrićEmail author

Benjamin Kiesewetter’s Normativity of Rationality is an excellent book, an impressively thorough and insightful defence of the view that the requirements of rationality are normative. Kiesewetter understands the normativity of rationality in terms of reasons. He claims that we have reasons to satisfy the requirements of rationality because rationality is nothing but correctly responding to one’s reasons.

Why might one deny that rationality is normative? Mainly because of the phenomenon of structural irrationality. Structural irrationality is present when people have incoherent attitudes. Paradigm cases include akratic people. In the practical realm, akratic people do not intend what they believe they ought to do; in the theoretical realm, akratic people do not believe what they take themselves to have sufficient evidence for.

In light of such phenomena, one might think that there are structural requirements of rationality, requirements not to have incoherent attitudes. Such structural...



I would like to thank Paul J. Bowman for helpful comments on an earlier draft.

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