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Joseph Millum: The Moral Foundations of Parenthood

New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. Hardcover (ISBN 9780190695439), € 52, 168 pp
  • Sabine HohlEmail author

In this thought provoking monograph, Joseph Millum (2018) investigates a range of questions regarding the ethics of parenthood. The book’s scope is broad: It covers the source and content of parental rights, the acquisition and content of parental duties, as well as standards for parental decision-making. In each chapter, Millum carefully develops a position and then applies it to various examples, illustrating its practical implications as well as pointing out potential difficulties. The book also includes an introductory chapter on methodology which will make it accessible to readers not already familiar with ethical theory. Millum writes straightforwardly and clearly, not leaving any room for confusion on the reader’s part. The book is eminently readable despite the breadth of issues covered and the complexity of its subject matter. In what follows, I focus on Millum’s account of the acquisition of parental rights and responsibilities (chapters 2 and 4), which is in my estimation...


  1. Millum J (2018) The moral foundations of parenthood. Oxford University Press, New YorkGoogle Scholar

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