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Book Review: Leigh Oakes and Yael Peled, Normative Language Policy: Ethics, Politics, Principles (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018)

  • Matteo BonottiEmail author

Over the past twenty years, a number of political philosophers have contributed to the development of a body of literature concerning linguistic justice, i.e. the question of how liberal democratic states should respond to the fact of linguistic diversity. However, while this literature comprises many scholarly articles and book chapters, it has so far witnessed the publication of only two full-length books, i.e. Will Kymlicka and Alan Patten’s influential edited volume Language Rights and Political Theory (Kymlicka and Patten 2003) and Philippe Van Parijs’s equally influential monograph Linguistic Justice for Europe and for the World (Van Parijs 2011), which constitutes the most developed normative defence of English as the European and global lingua franca.

Published seven years after Van Parijs’s book, Leigh Oakes and Yael Peled’s Normative Language Policy: Ethics, Politics, Principlesrepresents the second major monographic statement on linguistic justice, and one that promises to...


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