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Annabelle Lever: On Privacy

Routledge, 2011. ix and 100 pp. $22.95 (paper) ISBN: 0415395704, $110.00 (cloth) ISBN: 0415395690
  • D. Mokrosinska

“On Privacy” introduces philosophical arguments bearing on contemporary debates about privacy protection. The book, written for a non-academic audience, focuses on the value of privacy. Lever’s approach is refreshing. First, she sidesteps the controversies over defining privacy, settling for concepts generally associated with privacy: seclusion and solitude, anonymity and confidentiality, intimacy and domesticity. Second, Lever moves beyond the traditional arguments that value privacy because it protects the interests of individuals: what is at stake in protecting privacy is not only individual interests but the democratic nature of modern societies. Whilst the link between privacy and democracy is not novel, it has not been substantiated in the literature; in filling this gap, Lever’s book is of interest to both general readers as well as privacy scholars.

The Introduction looks at the most influential accounts of the value of privacy and proposes a minimal definition of democracy in...


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